Welcome to my RCMP insignia web site.  Here you will see photos of various RCMP uniform items.  This is an unofficial, personal site, designed so that people who respect the RCMP can view some of its insignia at one place.  I'm not an insignia dealer - I'm a collector.  It's a hobby - not a business.


I don't have the biggest nor the best collection of insignia from the RCMP.  But I have enough things to show you to keep your interest for a bit.

This site is dedicated to the men and women, past and present, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Thanks to all of you who served.  Thanks for helping to make the RCMP one of the most famous law enforcement agencies in the world.  The red serge worn by the RCMP on special occasions is undoubtedly the most recognizable uniform in the world, and is a national symbol of Canada.

This site is also dedicated to the memory of Constable Shayne Orr, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly October 16, 2013.  Shayne was a dedicated RCMP insignia collector and a good friend to many collectors including me.  His knowledge and friendship will be very much missed.

I have a few pages of pictures and text.  There are very general categories for each page.  As I get more items, I will photograph them and add them to my site.  Many of my pictures will load slowly on your end.  There are almost 400 photos on this site.  Thanks for your patience waiting for some to load!


When you get to the bottom of a page on this site, you will usually need to scroll back up in order to click on another page to see more photos.  The pages for Patches and Badges have lots of color photos, so it can take a little time for the pages to load properly for you.

Because I live in the US, I typically refer to metal items as badges, and cloth items as patches.  I know that sometimes, the RCMP refers to something as a badge when it is a cloth emblem.  Feel free to correct me as needed.

Below - the largest crest item I have - a large flat metal item, used for making plaques.  The light blue color in some of the leaves is from a reflection.

RCMP insignia