RCMP INSIGNIA    Page 2A  More Patches

The previous page had some patches.


Since I have so many photos to show you, I needed another page for the patches.

BELOW -- several photos -- some Appointment Badges:

ABOVE -- First Aid Instructor, First Aid Examiner, Medic


ABOVE - Drummer STILL NEED the appointment badge for the Underwater Recovery Team which is new in Summer of 2011.


ABOVE -- Instructor lapel pin

ABOVE -- RCMP Air Division items.  Top item is actually an enamel pin for pilots and I believe is worn on the mess dress.  The bottom 2 are the oldies, seen without the added letters GRC which became mandatory around 1974.

ABOVE - believed to be the rank badge for RCMP petty officers of the Marine Section in the 1930s.

ABOVE -- RCMP Marine Section.  The 2 on TOP have King's Crowns. 

ABOVE -- 2 more RCMP Marine patches

ABOVE -- old Marine Unit Officer's cap badge, possibly from the 1930s;

note it has a King's Crown.

ABOVE -- LEFT & CENTER -- Chief Petty Officer; the one at LEFT has a King's Crown and is believed to be from the 1930s.

The one at RIGHT in red is for a Petty Officer - again - believed to be from the 1930s.

ABOVE -- the 3 small tabs are older and the letters are stitched onto the cloth, and stand out, giving it a 3-dimensional appearance.  The 3 tabs on the Right are current and the letters are flush with the cloth itself, just as on the shoulder flashes.   A distinction that only collectors care about.

ABOVE -- RCMP Student brassard.

ABOVE -- the patch at top Right has the word Security misspelled in French.

This was corrected in the next version, shown at top Left.  I think these

are used in Surrey, British Columbia.

ABOVE -- I think these were unofficial, but even still,

heard they have been used in the past.

ABOVE -- 50th anniversary patch

ABOVE - very old patch with King's Crown; its exact use is unknown

BELOW -- RCMP Marksmanship badges.  Those with a crown indicate a perfect score. 

ABOVE - - for the RCMP Musical Ride centennial.

ABOVE -- Edmonton Integrated Intelligence Unit; not really an RCMP item but the RCMP works with the unit.

ABOVE -- for the RCMP Underwater Recovery Team; still need their new appointment badge.

ABOVE -- Scout-related RCMP emblems.

ABOVE -- I think the RCMP Venturer and RCMP Rovers programs are similar to Scout programs in the U.S.  The Stetsons program is similar to Police Explorer programs.  BELOW -- one of the SPURS program patches.

ABOVE -- novelty RCMP patch for a 1988 operation.

ABOVE - large back patch and smaller front patch from a jacket; the gray strips are highly reflective

ABOVE - from the vest carrier; the one with just the word POLICE is the back patch

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