RCMP INSIGNIA Page 3A More Badges

RCMP INSIGNIA  Page 3A More Badges

The previous page had quite a few pictures of badges.  As
a result, here is another page with more photos of badges.


ABOVE -- RCMP collar dog, current style.  It's hard to tell, but there are 7 small holes on each side of the center crest.  Contrast that to the collar dog pictured just below.

Besides that info, this 14-hole collar dog has at least 2 different versions-

One version has a flat blue finish, while the other has what appears to be a clear epoxy-type coating on all of the blue background areas.

BELOW -- and here is a pic of the back of a current issue collar dog.  Note that this one says, Carat 2007.

collars 2007 back.jpg?1392580758788

collars 2007 front.jpg?1392580758587


ABOVE -- these are the collar dogs that say Carat 2007 on the back; 7 holes on each side of the crest.



ABOVE -- current style collar dog.  However, note that there are 5 holes on each side of the center crest.  Collar dogs with 5 holes on each side are older than ones with 7 holes on each side.  How much older, I can't say.  It's a distinction that only collectors might care about.  I merely bring this to your attention (for your amusement).

2003403 5 collar dogs.jpg?1392580763909

ABOVE -- 5 different RCMP collar dogs in one photo.  The one at Top Right, formerly used by officers, is pictured by itself on Page 4, the Clothing page.  The other 4 are pictured by themselves elsewhere on this or the other Badge page.  For the 2 at the Bottom -- the one on the Left has 7 holes on each side of the center crest while the one on the Right has 5 such holes.  A distinction with a difference.

collars Scully wm.jpg?1392580763846

ABOVE -- it's hard to tell, but these staybrite collar dogs have 6 holes on each side of the crest and say Scully on the backs.  In the group pic above, the staybrite collar dog has 5 holes on each side and was made by Gaunt.

KC officer collars.jpg?1392580763796

ABOVE -- King's Crown officer's collar dogs, not pictured in the group pic above.

RCMP other ranks collar 1954-1962.jpg?13
ABOVE -- other ranks collar dog, used from 1954 to 1962

--- not in the group pic above; all brass

KC Collars web site WM.jpg?1392580764021

ABOVE - 3 more brass sets of King's Crown collars; not in the group pic above.

Marine CPO PO.jpg?1392580764134

ABOVE -- LEFT and CENTER -- Marine Chief Petty Officer cap badges;
the one at LEFT has a King's Crown;  RIGHT -- in red - Petty Officer with King's Crown; the ones at LEFT and RIGHT are believed to be from the 1930s.

1880150 staybrite QC.jpg?1392580764189

 ABOVE -- closeup of the large RCMP lightweight crowns used many years ago.



BELOW -- Shows the relative size of 3 different RCMP crown pins plus the 2 pips.

They say, Tria Juncta in Uno (Three Joined into One).  These are also known as stars.

1915892 3 crowns and 2 pips.jpg?13925807




TOP RIGHT -- current crown and has 2 pins on the back.  20 mm wide, 20 mm tall



TOP CENTER -- used at least 25 years ago and has 2 lugs on the back.  23 mm wide, 23 mm tall.



TOP LEFT -- used at least 20 years ago and is the light weight version; has 2 lugs on the back.  27 mm wide, 27 mm tall; shows some discoloration.



THE PIPS -- Left one (older style) is 22 mm square; RIGHT one is newer style and is 16 mm square.

Another style of crown and pip is pictured with the picture of a mess kit, on the Clothing page.

AA (4) wm.jpg?1392580764306

ABOVE - a beret badge made in 1986 for Special Constables employed at larger airports; but these were not used.  See Don Klancher's book, page 128 and his photo 7-58.  As described in the DK book, this small item is padded in the center; it is not a flat badge patch.


RCMP cadet shoulder boards.jpg?139258076

ABOVE -- RCMP Cadet shoulder boards -- Yellow Cadet is older style.  Blue Cadet is current style.  Thanks to the Don Klancher book for the explanation of the ones with stripes.  I think the yellow one was used from October 1994 to June 1995.  I am unsure when the "plain" blue one started to be used but it is still in use in 2013. 

I think the Cadet shoulder boards with stripes are no longer used as of approximately May 2011.  At that time, the only one still used was the one that had a single red stripe.  That one was discontinued and I believe that today, all cadets wear the blue one with no stripe regardless of seniority at the academy.  If you know for sure, pls tell me so I can update this information.




RCMP NCO shoulder boards.jpg?13925807639
ABOVE -- Non-commissioned officer shoulder boards

ABOVE -- another (partial) set of NCO shoulder boards -- made with the thick wire-type thread -  not issued items

subdued shoulders.jpg?1392580764051


ABOVE -- subdued shoulder boards plus flag patch; incomplete rank sets. 

These are used by the explosives guys (EDU), and by others when the dark colored work shirts are worn.

STILL NEED the complete NCO and Officers rank sets.

ABOVE - for comparison - the Top Row is older style. 
Bottom Row is newer style.

RCMP officer shoulder boards.jpg?1392580

ABOVE -- RCMP Officers' shoulder boards.  The shoulder board that is third from the RIGHT for the old Deputy Commissioner has no crown - this was the case years ago. You can see this on the 1982 poster published by the RCMP entitled, RCMP badges and insignia. Now, the Deputy Commissioner uses the one with the crown and the sword/baton-- second from the RIGHT, which was the prior insignia for the Commissioner.


The bottom row ABOVE has newer style Officers' shoulder boards, but these are not official issue.  These are made with thick wire-type thread, giving these almost a 3-dimensional look. 

off shldrs no letters.jpg?1392580764162


ABOVE -- shoulder boards with no letters.

officer rank set resized metal.jpg?13925
ABOVE -- officer metal rank set from years ago - before 1994 or so based upon the ranks of Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner.

ABOVE - incomplete rank sets for overseas U.N. duty wear.

STILL NEED several ranks in both Officer and NCO sets.

For the itemsin the Center Row -
the RCMP used these Mission Rank Badges starting in 2001 in order to make sure its Members with experience would be able to wear a rank insignia commensurate with that experience.  Members had been in charge of units that included police officers from other departments.

The Mission Rank Badges rank equivalents were as follows:

Constable - Officer Cadet, one narrow bar
Corporal - 2nd Lieutenant, one wide bar
Sergeant - Lieutenant, one narrow and one wide bar
Staff Sergeant - Captain, two wide bars

These were used until late 2004.

Thx to Don Klancher for this information.

MD (5) - Copy SITE SIZE WITH WM.jpg?1392

ABOVE - Left - Officers' mess dress metal insignia.

Left to Right - Inspector, Superintendent, Chief Superintendent, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner.

While it's hard to tell based upon this picture, the gold colored crowns and pips/stars are much smaller than the metal insignia typically found on officers' shoulders - and that larger insignia appears in the photo just above this one.

A close-up pic of the mess dress crown and pip is on Page 4 - Clothing, where there is a pic of a mess dress kit.

At far Right - top - silver embroidered crown and pip/star for use on the gold cord shoulder boards; closeup pic is below.

At far Right Center - silver embroidered crossed sword and baton for use by a Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner on the gold cord shoulder boards, still in the original sealed packaging with manufacturer's description at Bottom Right which says,
Badge, Officer, RCM Police Crossed Sword & Baton, L & R.  A closeup pic is two pics down.

006 withWM.jpg?1392580764781


ABOVE - closeup of the silver embroidered crown and pip/star - STILL NEED more of these.  

ABOVE - the silver embroidered crossed sword and baton insignia used on the gold cord shoulder boards for a Deputy Commissioner and the Commissioner.

CROSSED S AND B (1)_crop WM.jpg?13925807
ABOVE -- closeup of the metal crossed sword and baton for the top 2 ranks.

The top set and the bottom single item have lugs on the back; the ones in the second and third rows have pins on the back.

The top row set batons measure 49 mm and these are the standard set of metal insignia.

All the other ones pictured are smaller mess dress size - second row batons measure 38 mm; third row measures 36 mm and the bottom one measures 33 mm.


ABOVE - shoulder flash plus cap badge, collar badges and shoulder titles for the SPURS program.  I don't have much info on the uniform these people wear, so more info would be appreciated.

ABOVE - the SPURS shoulder slip-ons.

1915901 collar rank pins2.jpg?1392580765

ABOVE --  RCMP metal collar insignia for non-commissioned officers.  These were adopted in 1974.  I believe they were used until 1990.




TOP:  Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant.



BOTTOM:  2 different versions for Staff Sergeant Major - oval and round - , Sergeant Major, Corps Sergeant Major.




Note that there is no metal collar insignia for the rank of Constable.

002_crop PIC resized WM.jpg?139258076524

ABOVE -- officer's gold cord shoulder boards for the rank of Inspector

RCMP insp2.jpg?1392580765493

ABOVE -- closeup of the silver embroidered crown

Compare the Queen's Crown above to the King's Crown just below --

004_crop small WM.jpg?1392580765809

ABOVE - silver embroidered King's Crown and pips- very old



ABOVE - gold cord officer shoulder boards, for Chief Superintendent.

BELOW -- some pics of how the gold cord shoulder boards attach to the shoulders.  The gold cord on red backing is quite thick, causing the need to use a screw-type button with an extender when the gold cord is worn.  But when the gold cord shoulder boards are not worn, the button on the epaulette is actually a short screw which attaches into a corresponding hole that is embedded in the shoulder of the serge.

There is also a loop or sleeve underneath the red backing, through which the epaulette slides through.  Note that on my web site, I refer to the shoulder strap that is already attached to the shoulder as an epaulette, on to which you slip the rank shoulder board. 

RCMP BUTTON ON SERGE attached button.jpg

ABOVE -- the screw-type button without an extender can be screwed directly into the shoulder when the gold cord shoulder boards are not used.

RCMP BUTTON ON SERGE screwed on.jpg?1392

ABOVE -- you can't see it, but the screw-type button is screwed into an extender (pictured below), which then screws into the hole in the shoulder of the serge.

RCMP BUTTON ON SERGE screw hole2.jpg?139

ABOVE -- This is the hole embedded into the shoulders of the serge, into which the screw-type button is inserted.

RCMP BUTTON ON SERGE edge2.jpg?139258077

ABOVE -- the screw-type button is first inserted into an extender and then this is inserted through the gold cord, through the red backing, then through the blue epaulette which is almost impossible to see in this picture, and is screwed into the hole that is embedded in the shoulder of the serge.

RCMP Button screw-type face on2.jpg?139

ABOVE -- the screw-type button

RCMP Button screw-type and loose extend

ABOVE and BELOW -- the screw-type button plus the extender and base.

RCMP Button screw-type and attached exte

1886988 QC with color closeup.jpg?139258

ABOVE -- a closeup of an older RCMP crown.  Note the colors along the bottom.  The current crowns don't have these colors.  This one also has 2 lugs on the back instead of the 2 pins used now.


SHLDR TITLES x1.jpg?1392580771286

ABOVE -- Here are some RCMP shoulder title badges.    STILL NEED one for the NWMP.




TOP - the oldest - Royal North West Mounted Police. The Force has not used this name since 1920. This one has the hallmark - the maker's mark - on the back.




ROW 2: RCMP - used on pea coats or other coats.






ROW 3: The extra "R" meant "Reserve" and first came out in 1937.    The new looking RCMP is brass and was on a coat, in storage, for many years.  So it looks very new.




BOTTOM:   Left -  This one is staybrite.   For the one at Right -  The GRC was added to shoulder insignia in 1974 and stands for the French words that mean RCMP - Gendarmerie royale du Canada.  Since Canada has 2 official languages - French and English - the RCMP insignia is bilingual.

26 1878515 UN badge.jpg?1392580771164


 ABOVE -- An RCMP United Nations badge.  This is also pictured and explained on page 2A.  It is here because you're on one of the Badge pages and I wanted to put it here again to picture all possible badges on the badge pages.

1886948 1998 badge set.jpg?1392580771745

 ABOVE -- the RCMP 1998 set of reproductions of the 4 hat badges used, to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Force.




STILL NEED the 1973 badge set which looks similar to this set with the blue enamel, but is made by Gaunt.  

RCMP 73 badge set Gaunt.jpg?139258077142

ABOVE -- 1973 Gaunt badge set, no enamel, and not in its original case.

Some of these are sometimes mistaken for originals.

RCMP 1998 pin2.jpg?1392580771701

ABOVE -- RCMP lapel pin issued to Members.


ABOVE - the blue color version

DSC05347_crop SITE.jpg?1392580772468

ABOVE - unofficial badge - but the quality is so good, it was likely carried by someone in years past.


a2 (2) site.jpg?1392580803167


ABOVE - novelty item from years ago; uses the old style wallet/ID badge.  It may look legit, but this, and many other similar badges, were unofficial, unissued badges, personalized with the Member's regimental number.  Several things point to its unofficial, unissued character - this badge is flat; it has (or had) 2 pins on the back; it has no manufacturer's name (the hallmark) on the back.  See Don Klancher's book, page 588 and his picture on page 604.

001_crop pic sm WM.jpg?1392580774089

ABOVE - older style Retired badge.

2003409 retired badge.jpg?1392580774370

ABOVE -- RCMP retired badge.  This is unofficial and possibly came from the Veterans' Association.  Regardless, the crest is highly detailed.  ALSO NEED - there are other styles of Retired badges and I need those, too.

closeup_crop WM.jpg?1392580774490

ABOVE - another version of a Retired badge - look closely.  The blue is soft fired enamel including the word RETIRED - where the blue letters look like they are etched into the metal.  In the Retired badge pictured above this one, the blue is hard fired enamel.  The letters on this lower-pictured Retired badge are also thinner.  

DSC05346_crop SITE.jpg?1392580774797

ABOVE - another Retired badge, though it does not say Retired.


STILL NEED one of the issued wallet badges.  ALSO NEED the blue acrylic block holding a wallet badge, too -Wish me luck!  They look like this - here is a poor pic from the Internet -

acrylic holder for wallet badge SAMPLE s


wallet collage.jpg?1392580774821
ABOVE - the issued wallet for the ID badge; the thin leather flap in the middle protects the face of the badge and also protects the plastic sleeve into which the ID card is inserted.  STILL NEED  an ID badge.

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