RCMP INSIGNIA             my most wanted list.




If you didn't see it pictured, then I still need a  certain item.



I am generally looking for needed items directly associated with the uniform - badges, flashes, patches, serges, hats, appointment badges, etc.  There are a few other items I am seeking, noted below.

Think of the list below as a wish list.



Of course, there are items of which I am aware, and my WANTED LIST is below; some pics of what I need are shown way below:



Subdued patches/flashes that say RCMP GRC in the same size and shape as the standard shoulder flashes – can say PDS or ERT also, but need to have GRC on them and not just ERT

Blue patrol jacket, with pull down flaps front and back that are green background and black letters POLICE with reflective strips



Red serges for Staff Sergeant Major, Sergeant Major, Corp Sergeant Major

Subdued shoulder slip-ons, black with gray rank embroidery, all ranks NCO & officer

UN shoulder slip-ons, Asst. Commissioner  & Deputy Commissioner,  they have CANADA on the bottom

UN shoulder slip-ons,  staff sergeant major and higher NCO ranks,  have CANADA on bottom

Officer's belt and waist plate - King's Crown

The years of service lapel pins awarded to RCMP civilians

Chevrons – 6 inch red, gold wire,  Staff Sergeant

Wallet/ID badge 

Wallet/ID badge encased in acrylic

Retired and Veteran badges- many different styles needed

The issued Wallet, for a Retired badge or wallet badge (have one; could use a second one)

Other RCMP banners such as used by pipers

Shabrack -- for an officer - has 2 yellow stripes and the RCMP crest


BELOW -- some pics of what I need


shabrack - for an officer

King's crown officer's belt and waist plate

Civilian years of service pins

Wallet badge encased in acrylic

subdued shoulder rank insignia -need both NCO and Officer ranks

UN duty shoulder slip-ons - Need more NCO and Officer ranks

Banner used on bagpipes


ALSO - I now collect insignia from the Alaska State Troopers - if you have anything from AST available please contact me.

Below is a direct link to my AST insignia web site -

just click on it to go there --

Alaska Trooper Insignia web site