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The previous page had some patches.



Since I have so many photos to show you, I needed another page for the patches.

BELOW -- several photos -- some Appointment/specialty Badges:


013 labels.jpg?1391286314613



ABOVE - 2 variations for comparison.  The one at Left is seen in Don Klancher's book as figure 14-63 on page 347 and the one at Right is seen as figure 14-69 on page 349.

ABOVE - the red Instructor badge

ABOVE - Top Row - these are prototype badges, circa 1966.  All are pictured on page 355 of Don Klancher's book and mentioned on page 321.  The one at far Left has orange in the pennons instead of red.

Bottom Row - the 2 at Left are old and may be among the first used; the one at far Left uses yellow cloth for the lances and the one next to it is the bullion style. 

Bottom Row - the 2 at Right are much more recent examples of the current badge, with the one at third from Left being made of bullion.

ABOVE - 2 more Drill Instructor badges.

ABOVE -- First Aid Instructor, First Aid Examiner, Medic




ABOVE - other versions of the ERT badge





drummer1 small WM.jpg?1391286312202




ABOVE - Drummer


ABOVE - Left - Tactical Troop, also known as Tactical Operations, Tac Ops and Public Order.  Right - Underwater Recovery.  The ones on the Bottom are official issue.  The ones on the Top are privately purchased if desired.



1893757 instructor pin.jpg?1391286313733



ABOVE -- Instructor lapel pin



1877732 wings.jpg?1391286312725



ABOVE -- RCMP Air Division items.  Top item is actually an enamel pin for pilots and I believe is worn on the mess dress.  The bottom 2 are the oldies, seen without the added letters GRC which became mandatory around 1974.  The top item is among the first group of 25 made, and is verified by the fact that it has 3 pins instead of 2, and has distinctive markings on the back.



rank lapel.jpg?1391286313760



ABOVE - believed to be the rank badge for RCMP petty officers of the Marine Section in the 1930s.



MARINE (5)_crop resized WM.jpg?139128631



ABOVE -- RCMP Marine Section.  The 2 on TOP have King's Crowns. 



MARINE (6)_crop resized WM.jpg?139128631





ABOVE -- 2 more RCMP Marine patches




marine officer cap badge.jpg?13912863137



ABOVE -- old Marine Unit Officer's cap badge, possibly from the 1930s;


note it has a King's Crown.



Marine CPO PO.jpg?1391286313285



ABOVE -- LEFT & CENTER -- Chief Petty Officer; the one at LEFT has a King's Crown and is believed to be from the 1930s.



The one at RIGHT in red is for a Petty Officer - again - believed to be from the 1930s.



Dive Teamx.JPG?1391286312754







ABOVE -- the 3 small tabs are older and the letters are stitched onto the cloth, and stand out, giving it a 3-dimensional appearance.  The 3 tabs on the Right are current and the letters are flush with the cloth itself, just as on the shoulder flashes.   A distinction that only collectors care about.



1915899 student brassard.jpg?13912863126



ABOVE -- RCMP Student brassard.



RCMP comm safety resized.jpg?13912863126



ABOVE -- the patch at top Right has the word Security misspelled in French.


This was corrected in the next version, shown at top Left.  I think these


are used in Surrey, British Columbia.



RCMP bike patrol resized.jpg?13912863130



ABOVE -- I think these were unofficial, but even still,


heard they have been used in the past.



RCMP forensic lab resized.jpg?1391286313



ABOVE -- 50th anniversary patch



recd Dec 10 2012 (4) wm.jpg?139128631338



ABOVE - very old patch with King's Crown; its exact use is unknown





BELOW -- RCMP Marksmanship badges.  Those with a crown indicate a perfect score. 







ABOVE - note the King's Crown - the oldest marksmanship badge pictured.




High Score site.jpg?1391286313419



ABOVE - Marksmanship badge for the High Score at the annual rifle competition; described on page 269 of Don Klancher's book and pictured on page 276.




marksmanship 1960 items WM.jpg?139128631



ABOVE -- all of these were found with RCMP paperwork dating these to 1960 -


including the crossed revolvers on the black square.



SHOOTING PATCHES resized.jpg?13912863136




1879181 MR.jpg?1391286314195



ABOVE - - for the RCMP Musical Ride centennial.



1879180 EIU.jpg?1391286314301



ABOVE -- Edmonton Integrated Intelligence Unit; not really an RCMP item but the RCMP works with the unit.


1879179 underwater.jpg?1391286314371






1879182 working together.jpg?13912863144



ABOVE -- Scout-related RCMP emblems.



RCMP youth resized.jpg?1391286314337



ABOVE -- I think the RCMP Venturer and RCMP Rovers programs are similar to Scout programs in the U.S.  The Stetsons program is similar to Police Explorer programs.  BELOW -- one of the SPURS program patches.



SPURS PATCH 001_cropWM.jpg?1391286314458



1881695 NIS.jpg?1391286314480



ABOVE -- novelty RCMP patch for a 1988 operation.



1879177 coached by.jpg?1391286314504




008 WM.jpg?1391286314538



ABOVE - large back patch and smaller front patch from a jacket; the gray strips are highly reflective



010 WM.jpg?1391286314689



ABOVE - from the vest carrier; the one with just the word POLICE is the back patch



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