RCMP INSIGNIA             my most wanted list.

If you didn't see it pictured, then I still need a  certain item.

I am generally looking for needed items directly associated with the uniform - badges, flashes, patches, serges, hats, appointment badges, etc.

Of course, there are items of which I am aware, and my WANTED LIST is below:


Metal insignia for the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner

Metal Crowns for the officer ranks

The gold cord shoulder boards and the gold colored and the silver colored embroidered crowns and pips that go on these

Blue Cadet shoulder boards that have one or more stripes on them

The blue officers' shoulder boards that do not say GRC RCMP on them


Gold belt and belt buckle - non-commissioned officers

Gold belt and belt buckle - officers

The green current duty jacket

The green vest

The older yellow duty jacket

Distinguished Marksmanship badge - crossed pistols with crown

The years of service lapel pins awarded to RCMP civilians

ERT - Emergency Response Team shoulder flashes not pictured on my site


Crown patches to go with Sergeant chevrons - see Page 2 Patches, where I have loose chevrons shown


Metal shoulder title badge for NWMP

Collar dogs for the NWMP and RNWMP

Badge - RNWMP

Shirt patches - yellow & black, for ranks higher than sergeant

Slip-on shoulder boards for ranks higher than staff sergeant

Appointment badges for Drummer, Piper, Forensic ID, Depot Instructor and any others that you may know about that you did not see pictured on this site

Wallet badge - need the Retired ones, too

Community Constable tab

Veterans Association bullion crest

Veterans Association badge (the one I have, has a broken crown top)

Shoulder boards, any rank, that say CANADA on them for overseas duty

Long Service Good Conduct medal (need the one using English on the rear)

Any other medal or cypher worn by the RCMP

Security lapel pins

Old style door stickers/decals

A red serge that actually fits me!

The 1973 commemorative badge sets made by Gaunt, with and without the blue enamel